Felt Card Table Play House

Felt Card Table Play House

Welcome to my craft blog!  Its about time.  First up, my felt house.

So I get these ideas… I bite off more than I can chew… My eyes are bigger than my stomach. .. You get the idea.  I saw these felt houses on pinterest and decided that I was going to make one for my kids for Christmas. The problems with this idea are as follows:

1) I don’t sew well. At all.
2) I didn’t want to fork over the $25 to buy one of the patterns I saw online.
3) December is the busiest month of the year for me.
So here it was, the Monday before Christmas and I had a TON of felt (because I changed my mind 3 times, I literally had enough felt to make three of these things) and I hadn’t even started.  So, I got a good pair of fabric scissors and went to town. No pattern, just started making stuff up. Five nights up to 2:00 am later, I realize I am 1) CRAZY and 2) AWESOME.  I didn’t get much sympathy from the hubs, he pulled the you-bring-it-upon-yourself argument, which, of course, I repeatedly choose to ignore.
I am proud, so there are many pictures. No need to view them all unless you also feel like being crazy and making one of these. I give tips on how to do this at the end.  And most importantly, my kids love it, have slept in it, play in it everyday, and hide in it to eat treats they aren’t supposed to.

The only “during the process” picture, sorry!
Doggie door:

(Trivia question: who are our dogs named after?)

Apple, corn, carrot, tomato
Letters for the mail box:

Questions I would ask me if I were you:

1) What kind of table did you use?
I used two card tables side by side. I didn’t want it set up in my kitchen on my kitchen table and I thought one card table was too small.
2) Any useful hints?
-Make each panel separately, then attach them to the roof. I just used a zigzag stitch along the top.
-Don’t use any other material except felt- no seams!
3) What would you do differently?
-On the apples and tomatoes- velcro at the top of the fruit instead of the middle.
-Cut less away underneath on the door and dog door so that the green and brown lay over the blue better (I did about 1 inch, would have done 3 inches)
4) How long did it take?
Give or take about 20 hours, if you have sewing skills, I’m sure it would go much faster.
5) How much did this cost?
Not sure, since I way over bought on felt. Probably about $30 without all the extra.
I got my ideas from:

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