How to Turn Your Family Room into a Jungle for $6


So the 4 year old tells me she wants a Go Diego Go party.  Fun!  Happy to not do another princess party.  We turned  the family room into a jungle.  This took about 600 feet of green streamers.  The plan was to do the whole room, but I ran out of streamers and was too cheap and busy to go back to the store.  I attached the loops to the ceiling with painters tape and taped leaves on last with green paper I already had.  Whole thing cost about $6 and took about an hour and a half (with three little “helpers”).  If you want to know what we did for the rest of the party, more below.

What we did at the party:

1) Decorate binoculars with animal stickers.  Made out of 2 toilet paper rolls and covered with jungle paper.
 2) Went on a animal rescue around the house.  At each clue, the kids got a new item.  We started with the orange back packs (Oriental Trading) and then added a globe (O.T), a magnify glass (Dollar Tree), a compass (not pictured, O.T) and at the end, a stuffed jungle animal for each kid.  We added their binoculars, then headed to… 3) A real animal rescue center that happens to be close by.  Kids had a blast seeing all the snakes, lizards, parrots and fish. 4) Back home for cupcakes and lunch.  I went easy on the food, nothin’ crazy.  I did try the kool-aid flavored popcorn from Tasty Kitchen, kids thought it was neat, but it was more work than I was expecting.  Lunch was just PB&J and apple slices with flower cupcakes (Martha Stewart).   


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  2. Thanks for posting! I love how your jungle looks and I think we will try something similar this summer for our son who is turning 1 🙂

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