Flower Necklace Charms for 58 cents


A few times a year, my mama hosts a craft weekend, and let me tell you, its CRA-ZY!  Twelve ladies, crafts everywhere, and poor Dad banished.  Its a weekend filled with carbs, girl movies, and of course, whatever craft we happen to be working on.  One tradition my mom has started is we each bring a gift for everyone else attending and put them into favor bags.  BUT, they all must be gifts under $1.  So, my 58 cent necklace charm came to be.

Price break down:

clay flower, 10 for 2.95 or (29 cents each) from Pick Your Plum (This is a “deal a day” craft website.  I asked how often they offer these, I got the response of about once a month.)

bail, 10 for 2.99 (29 cents each) from jewelry section of Joannes

Then, I just hot glued the bail on and put in a cute little bag. SO simple.

The back:

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