Anthropologie Lamp Shade Copy Cat


So I saw this darling lamp shade from Anthropologie for $98.  I needed two, and wasn’t willing to spend $200 on just the shades.  $200 is my budget for my WHOLE bedroom facelift.  These lamps are my first project in the transformation.  So, I headed to Walmart and grabbed the cheapest shade I could find for the shape I wanted, $10.  Then, at Joanne’s fabric I got two kinds of gray fabric because the flower material was shear and I didn’t want the original color of the shade showing through.  Total price of fabric (with my Joannes coupon) was $10 for both shades.  (By the way, if you want to make a white shade, look in the bridal fabrics, tons of options.  There was only this one option in gray.)  I read this tutorial I found on Pinterest, then followed their advice and got my friend, Britt, to help.  This is for sure a two person, four hand project.

We made a pattern (out of my kid’s coloring book) and cut out both fabrics.  The tutorial we followed didn’t do this, but the pattern worked really well for us.

Here’s the first layer of background fabric, hot glued on.  Did I mention this was a NO SEW project?  Best advice I can give is make it as tight as possible.  This is where the four hands come in.  We then did the exact same thing with the shear fabric over the top.

This was so simple, and if our kids weren’t throwing fits, we could have made both in about 45 minutes.

Next on the list is figure out what color to paint the wall behind the lamps…



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