Menu Planning for LDS Funerals


LDS funerals have traditions all their own!  Although there are many other options for the meal usually provided for the family and out of town guests, at least in our ward, as older members pass away, the request is for traditional ham and funeral potatoes.   I usually only cook ham on Easter, so I’m always unsure of how much to assign out.  My amazing Compassionate Service leader gave me this.  I don’t know where she got it, so I can’t give credit where credit is due!  With this plan there’s plenty of left overs too.

Funeral Meal Guidelines

Menu and amounts for 12-15 people, multiply as needed

-boneless ham 4-5 lbs cooked and sliced

-potato casserole or “funeral potatoes”, 9×13 pan

-jello salad or fruit salad, 9×13 pan or platter

-green salad

-rolls and cube of butter, 18

-cake, 9×13 pan

Remember to:

-assign out set up, serving, clean up

Make sure to have:

-table cloths, centerpieces, paper products

-left over containers, ziplocks, foil

-tape, marking pen to mark dishes

-dish towels, sharp knife, serving utencils


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