Patriotic Dessert


I give myself a B- on this dessert attempt.  Professional cake pop dipper is not in my future.  Here’s the picture I found on pinterest and tried to replicate, but no link to a blog:

And here is my attempt, I call it “the shabby chic” look… to make myself feel better:

Need a few hints?

-I used my Babycakes I got for Christmas to make the actual cake centers.  I used the vanilla cake recipe that came in the box and it was really yummy.

-You need 25 blue, 29 red, 35 white… in case you don’t want to get real close to the computer screen and count like I did.

-I tried coloring white melting chocolate with blue food coloring… didn’t work very well.  The chocolate lost its creamy feel and just got chunky.  I used it anyway, but never again.  I had red melting chocolate from Joann’s, so didn’t need to dye the red.

-I got white melting chocolate in bulk at WinCo.  Super cheap.

-Dipping?   No advice for that.  You’re on your own, baby.


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