Wainscoting Perfection


Hey, long time no blog!  I’m back, after a completely wonderful and relaxing summer.  I’ve got lots of posts to catch up on!

This is my friend Anneli’s home and she was nice enough to take some pictures for me to post.  Take a good look, cause I want to copy it exactly.  Her husband added all this beautiful trim work to their home and I think its A-MAZING.

Wondering what color she painted her bedroom?  Its Benjamin Moore, gull wing grey.  I also asked how tall the wainscoting is; its 64 inches including the baseboard.

Husband, take note.  Our house is next.

Here’s the work in progress:

And here’s the finished master bedroom.  Beautiful!

Check out the other awesome trim work in their house.


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  1. did you paint the dressers too? how did you get it to look so smooth? anything I paint ends up having streaky marks, i use a foam roller and good paint that they reccomend, but your dressers look professionally painted!

    • Yes we painted the dressers. They were oak. We did a light sanding and then an excellent primer called Zinsser. We then used Benjamin Moore oil based paint. Has held up very well!

  2. The wainscoting you did in the bedroom was that panels/sheet boards and mouldings or is it the faux wainscoting? Also, the boys bedroom, was that just crown moulding you put on the walls? Love all the pictures! We have been looking for ideas for different rooms of our house.

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