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Mod Podge Tables


Here are a few tables I gave a facelift to using just Mod Podge and paper.  This first one is just a kids table from Ikea, I think they are $25, but its been awhile since I purchased it.  I first painted with regular craft paint, got wall stickers from the Dollar Store, then Mod Podged over everything.

This second table a neighbor gave to me, but there were scratches all over the top of it.  I got a pack of pretty card stock from the craft store and cut 3 inch squares.  Once I had my design figured out, I Mod Podged a few rows at a time.  To keep paper from wrinkling, apply a thin but complete layer, put square down, then rub with finger to get a tight seal across the whole piece.  Once all the squares were on, I did another layer over the top.  This table fits nicely in my guest room.


High School Graduation Gift


This has been my go-to graduation gift for years.  Its simple and  funny (Right?  Say yes.)  and hopefully unique.  Let me just say if it wasn’t CRA-ZY busy today, I would have grabbed a much cuter little jar from the craft store and made the card more decorative, but you get the idea.  In case it’s not clear in the picture, the other gifts are Tide laundry detergent pods ($4) and a foldable hamper ($2).  This can be a very inexpensive gift, but it does depend how many quarters you put in the jar.  I put in $10, so total $16.

Word Printables for Mother, Auntie, Teacher


Looking around on pinterest for Mother’s Day ideas, I saw this darling card.  I made my own, then also made an “auntie” and “teacher” version.  My plan is to make each of them into 4×6 cards, but you do whatever you want!  Downloads for all of them are below.



mother blue