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Cake Mix Gift Tutorial


Trust me, there are a million cute cake mix gift ideas out there.  Comparatively, I think my version is plain, next time i make this, I will jazz it up a little!  I got caught in the trap of trying to match the box of cake mix- red, which is unnecessary since the cake mix doesn’t even show that much.  When I do this again, I’ll do whatever colors I want!  I got the sprinkles and cupcake holders at Joann’s with my coupon, the total cost for everything was about $5 including the cake mix since I had the ribbon and paper on hand.


Here’s the back:

11And here’s the tutorial, good luck!

Here’s all the items you need: three pieces of 8.5×11 card stock, another half piece of another color (not pictured), two colors of ribbon, a cake mix, a three pack of sprinkles, clothes pin, cupcake holders, clear bag sandwich bag (not pictured) and glue gun.  I don’t have measurements, just based everything off the size of the box and sprinkle containers.

1Take two of the card stock pieces, cut to width of cake box and glue to each to the bottom and top:2Fold red strips to fit around the sprinkles:3Attach your last piece of card stock to the bottom of the cake mix and make a fold the same size as the sprinkle container:4Glue on paper for sprinkles, insert sprinkles into their holders:5Trim and fold card stock as pictured:6Glue to sprinkle paper and flap down (the flap is just for added strength):7Attach the ribbon.  Here’s the front…8 And here’s the back.9Glue on the clothes pin and add the cupcake liners to the back:11Decorate the front, all finished!IMG_2358


Valentine Dinner (EASY!)


Here’s my easy, kid friendly, Valentine’s Day dinner:

  • Boboli personal pizzas, cut into heart shapes, pepperoni also cut into heart shapes, olives
  • Strawberries
  • Pudding Dessert (Pink jello, pink pudding, whipped cream, crumbled Circus Animals)
  • Pink lemon aid (not pictured)

vday dinner 1

vday dinner 2

vday dinner 3

Easy Gift Wrapping


This year, my go-to neighbor gift is peppermint popcorn which is divine and easy to make.  I needed an equally as simple gift bag to put it in.  I ordered 4 inch doilies from Amazon, although any respectable craft store will have them.  I designed a little “Merry Christmas” tag and stapled it all on at once onto a brown lunch bag.  You could also use “To/From” tags instead.  I love easy.




Halloween Dinner




Here’s the Halloween dinner I did for my kids.  Nothing super amazing, but simple and fun and they loved it.

Favors from pinterest:

Monster Drink: 7 up dyed green with food coloring, scoop of lime ice cream, candy eyes, gummy worms:

Pumpkin peaches made on the Silhouette (pinterest):

Spider web and mummy pizza (pinterest):



Patriotic Dessert


I give myself a B- on this dessert attempt.  Professional cake pop dipper is not in my future.  Here’s the picture I found on pinterest and tried to replicate, but no link to a blog:

And here is my attempt, I call it “the shabby chic” look… to make myself feel better:

Need a few hints?

-I used my Babycakes I got for Christmas to make the actual cake centers.  I used the vanilla cake recipe that came in the box and it was really yummy.

-You need 25 blue, 29 red, 35 white… in case you don’t want to get real close to the computer screen and count like I did.

-I tried coloring white melting chocolate with blue food coloring… didn’t work very well.  The chocolate lost its creamy feel and just got chunky.  I used it anyway, but never again.  I had red melting chocolate from Joann’s, so didn’t need to dye the red.

-I got white melting chocolate in bulk at WinCo.  Super cheap.

-Dipping?   No advice for that.  You’re on your own, baby.

Menu Planning for LDS Funerals


LDS funerals have traditions all their own!  Although there are many other options for the meal usually provided for the family and out of town guests, at least in our ward, as older members pass away, the request is for traditional ham and funeral potatoes.   I usually only cook ham on Easter, so I’m always unsure of how much to assign out.  My amazing Compassionate Service leader gave me this.  I don’t know where she got it, so I can’t give credit where credit is due!  With this plan there’s plenty of left overs too.

Funeral Meal Guidelines

Menu and amounts for 12-15 people, multiply as needed

-boneless ham 4-5 lbs cooked and sliced

-potato casserole or “funeral potatoes”, 9×13 pan

-jello salad or fruit salad, 9×13 pan or platter

-green salad

-rolls and cube of butter, 18

-cake, 9×13 pan

Remember to:

-assign out set up, serving, clean up

Make sure to have:

-table cloths, centerpieces, paper products

-left over containers, ziplocks, foil

-tape, marking pen to mark dishes

-dish towels, sharp knife, serving utencils

Hunger Games Snack


So I”m not quite as Hunger Game obsessed as these last few posts make me out to be, but I did really enjoy the movie, and got to see it with some of my great gal pals from book club.  And, well, we needed a little snack.  I just put together my favorite trail mix with a big dose of dried cranberries for the nightlock berries.  Our movie night organizer extraordinaire also made our very own mockingjay pins with the trusty Silhouette.  With a very sick baby at home, girls night was much needed!

Yes, there were 15 of us that went.  Go big or go home, I always say.

Birthday Desserts


The Hubs had a birthday this weekend, we partied.  I needed a few desserts for our little shindig, so I ended up making a kid dessert and a grown-up dessert.  As always, simple and easy  is the way I roll.

“Older Than Dirt”:  You’ve done this before- just chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms.  In case you are wondering, this was the kid dessert.  Love that font?  Me too.  Its called “Digs My Heart” and it’s free.  You’re welcome.

Apple Pie Dump Cake:  two cans of apple pie filling in a 9×13 pan, sprinkle cinnamon then  sprinkle a yellow mix, then top with one cube of butter cut in slices and divided all over the top.   Cook 350 for 30-40 minutes (until pie filing is bubbling and top is browned).  My friend, Jill, always makes this, and its so yummy. She says you can use any kind of fruit pie filling.  I’ve tried marion berry before and it was a little runny.  Apple is our favorite so far.