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Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner Decorations


I had the task of decorating for our Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner.  We didn’t have a specific theme, just blue and gold, which made it pretty easy!  I went to Party City and got the disposable plastic table coverings (100 foot roll) and all the paper products.

I used these amazing games as the place mats and had pencils out on the tables also.  Thank you Akela’s Council Blog for your hard work!

For centerpieces, I used these wooden stands from a previous project and added vinyl with my Silhouette.  I used the 12 Core Values of Cub Scouts and labeled each centerpiece with a different value.  I printed off the Cub Scout logo and taped them on the centerpieces with painters tape.

IMG_8920IMG_8919IMG_8914The gold stars on sticks doubled as decorations and trophies for the awards for the cake decorating (all the boys got one).  I got the pre-cut stars and a pack of dowels at Joann’s, and had the Hubs cut a 1×1 stick of wood into squares.  In one of our den meetings, the boys painted everything yellow and I added the blue vinyl and ribbon.  The best part about these is they were about 35 cents each to make.  Not bad!

IMG_8921We organized the eating tables in a “U” shape.  At the top of the “U” we positioned the flag stands, the food tables, and the cake tables.  It looked fabulous and everyone had a clear view of the front.  Sorry, this is the best picture I have of the table set up.

IMG_8917It all worked out great, a pretty fun night!


How to Make Elsa’s Ice Castle from DISNEY’S FROZEN


I’ve been searching the internet the last few weeks for ideas for my little girl’s Frozen birthday celebration.  I wanted to use Elsa’s castle for the centerpiece at the party, but not finding anything in my price range (I will not spend $110 on this!) I decided to make my own.  I’m giving a shout out to this guy’s tutorial since I based my castle shapes off his Frozen castle.  I had most of the supplies on hand, so this whole project only cost me $2.50 for the foam core.

castle finished

Supplies Needed:

  • 3   12×12 pieces of card stock (I recommend something with a glossy finish or photo paper)
  • 1 piece of foam core
  • glue or paper Mod Podge (something that won’t warp your paper)
  • paint brush (to apply the glue)
  • glitter and embellishments
  • 3D mounting tape
  • scissors and/or cutter

Here we go!

I first made a pattern out of plain white 12×12 paper so that the measurements would show up better for you to see.  You don’t need to make a pattern, just cut your paper to the measurements I’ve specified.  All measurements are in inches.  The red circled letters are explained later.

Here’s how each 12×12 piece of card stock is cut.  Please note on the second page how there’s a section from the third page taped on.

castle page 1

castle page 2castle page 3

Once you’ve cut out your pieces, you can begin to assemble your castle.  The circled red letter on each piece indicate which layer the piece will be at.  For example, all the “A” pieces will attach directly to your foam core first.   The spires are just made from scraps.

castle level a

castle part A

Next add Level B.  Use mounting tape for all attachments.

castle level B

castle part B

I then added glitter to the middle of the door opening.  I think if I made this again, I’d use silver glitter, but your choice!

Attach the Level C piece:

castle level c

castle part CAnd lastly, the Level D pieces:

castle level D

castle part D

I then added a few embellishments including sliver glitter around the edges and a white snowflake made with my Silhouette.

castle embellishments

Then cut around the outside of the castle with a sharp exact-o knife, leaving about a 1/4 inch around the edges.  I took the left over foam core and attached a piece to the back of the castle so that it would stand.

All done!  I’ll post about the rest of the birthday party soon.

castle finished

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Strawberry Baby Girl Shower


My friends and I threw a strawberry themed baby shower for Brittney, pregnant with #4 and her first girl.  It was a large shower, so we did open house style in the evening after dinner, so only serving desserts.  We did everything in red, pink and green.  Check out the cuteness:


Strawberry lemon-aid and pink and white candies


“Advice for Parenting a Girl” sign in book


DSC_0034Strawberry desserts GALORE!









DSC_0044Its hard to tell by the picture, the favors were gumballs in long pretzel bags with a note attached.

DSC_0046Our game:  The Price is Right, guessing the prices of the baby items.  The prizes were strawberry hullers.


Valentine Dinner (EASY!)


Here’s my easy, kid friendly, Valentine’s Day dinner:

  • Boboli personal pizzas, cut into heart shapes, pepperoni also cut into heart shapes, olives
  • Strawberries
  • Pudding Dessert (Pink jello, pink pudding, whipped cream, crumbled Circus Animals)
  • Pink lemon aid (not pictured)

vday dinner 1

vday dinner 2

vday dinner 3

Lego Party


So we had a rockin’ Lego Party at our house.  I’ll just go down the list of all the fun activities we did.  Everything was a hit, keeping 12 kids entertained.  Wheew!

I had big tables set up with piles of legos down the middle.  As kids arrived, we directed them to sit and play.  Once everyone arrived, we began a Lego Challenge.  As kids completed making an item on the list, they yelled “Done!” and recieved a treat for their efforts.  This was a huge hit.  lego4We then went outside for a Lego Hunt.  I used the large mega blocks so they’d be easier to find.  The kids hunted for Legos, then had to build something with what they found to get a prize.  You could also put small Legos in Easter eggs and do the same thing.

lego1We next did Lego Bingo, which was SO fun.  We sat at the same tables as the Lego challenge, and used Legos as markers on the cards.  Thanks Big D &Me for the awesome download!

lego3My friend made this amazing Lego cake, bless her.

lego2The favors are chocolate Legos.  I used the colored melting chocolate sold at Joann’s and other craft stores.  I bought the mold on Amazon.  The chocolates are in a regular zip lock bag with a label stapled over the top.  If you want the label, you can download it here: lego party

lego5lego6The Lego font I used was a free download too.  Oh, and need thank you notes?  Here you go: lego thank you

Honestly, this was one of the most fun parties I’ve ever done.  If only Legos didn’t hurt so badly when I step on them.

Patriotic Dessert


I give myself a B- on this dessert attempt.  Professional cake pop dipper is not in my future.  Here’s the picture I found on pinterest and tried to replicate, but no link to a blog:

And here is my attempt, I call it “the shabby chic” look… to make myself feel better:

Need a few hints?

-I used my Babycakes I got for Christmas to make the actual cake centers.  I used the vanilla cake recipe that came in the box and it was really yummy.

-You need 25 blue, 29 red, 35 white… in case you don’t want to get real close to the computer screen and count like I did.

-I tried coloring white melting chocolate with blue food coloring… didn’t work very well.  The chocolate lost its creamy feel and just got chunky.  I used it anyway, but never again.  I had red melting chocolate from Joann’s, so didn’t need to dye the red.

-I got white melting chocolate in bulk at WinCo.  Super cheap.

-Dipping?   No advice for that.  You’re on your own, baby.

Hunger Games Snack


So I”m not quite as Hunger Game obsessed as these last few posts make me out to be, but I did really enjoy the movie, and got to see it with some of my great gal pals from book club.  And, well, we needed a little snack.  I just put together my favorite trail mix with a big dose of dried cranberries for the nightlock berries.  Our movie night organizer extraordinaire also made our very own mockingjay pins with the trusty Silhouette.  With a very sick baby at home, girls night was much needed!

Yes, there were 15 of us that went.  Go big or go home, I always say.

Birthday Desserts


The Hubs had a birthday this weekend, we partied.  I needed a few desserts for our little shindig, so I ended up making a kid dessert and a grown-up dessert.  As always, simple and easy  is the way I roll.

“Older Than Dirt”:  You’ve done this before- just chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms.  In case you are wondering, this was the kid dessert.  Love that font?  Me too.  Its called “Digs My Heart” and it’s free.  You’re welcome.

Apple Pie Dump Cake:  two cans of apple pie filling in a 9×13 pan, sprinkle cinnamon then  sprinkle a yellow mix, then top with one cube of butter cut in slices and divided all over the top.   Cook 350 for 30-40 minutes (until pie filing is bubbling and top is browned).  My friend, Jill, always makes this, and its so yummy. She says you can use any kind of fruit pie filling.  I’ve tried marion berry before and it was a little runny.  Apple is our favorite so far.

Flower Necklace Charms for 58 cents


A few times a year, my mama hosts a craft weekend, and let me tell you, its CRA-ZY!  Twelve ladies, crafts everywhere, and poor Dad banished.  Its a weekend filled with carbs, girl movies, and of course, whatever craft we happen to be working on.  One tradition my mom has started is we each bring a gift for everyone else attending and put them into favor bags.  BUT, they all must be gifts under $1.  So, my 58 cent necklace charm came to be.

Price break down:

clay flower, 10 for 2.95 or (29 cents each) from Pick Your Plum (This is a “deal a day” craft website.  I asked how often they offer these, I got the response of about once a month.)

bail, 10 for 2.99 (29 cents each) from jewelry section of Joannes

Then, I just hot glued the bail on and put in a cute little bag. SO simple.

The back: