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Easy Disney T-shirt


We took a special trip to Disneyland to celebrate a special birthday girl turning six.  She needed a cute shirt to wear on her big day!

shirt 1

shirt 2I used heat transfer vinyl in black and glitter pink, cut on my Silhouette Craft Cutter.  I designed the shapes myself in Silhouette Studio with the shape drawing tool and the welding tool.

Want to see other Disney shirts I made?  Here’s our Halloween costumes from last year, just a phone picture, sorry:

incredible shirtsThese were made the same way, just a little trickier, since each color has to be done separately.  At three dollars a shirt, this was a way cheaper option than purchasing them from the Disney Store.



Paper CTR boxes


“CTR” stands for “Choose the Right”.  At church, I teach seven year old boys and girls.  They get a ring that has the CTR symbol on them, reminding them to Choose the Right.  I made these little boxes to put the rings inside.

I got the template of this A-MAZING site that designs templates for any size box you want.  I just put in my dimensions and printed out how many I needed.  I made the white CTR logo on my Silhouette Craft Cutter.

ctr 1

ctr 2This would also be a great, inexpensive way to package a gift for baptism.

His and Hers Gifts


I’ve been jumping on the mustache trend, I’m mean really, how can you not?

Using my Silhouette and outdoor vinyl, my outdoorsy friends got these beauties for their wedding gift.  In case its hard to tell from the picture, I did the lips and mustache on one side and their names on the other.  If you want to see some other Nalgene bottles I’ve done, check out here.


hishers2My sister needed a gift for her boss, so we used the same design on these mugs from the dollar store.

hishers3Not bad for $2, eh?

Halloween Dinner




Here’s the Halloween dinner I did for my kids.  Nothing super amazing, but simple and fun and they loved it.

Favors from pinterest:

Monster Drink: 7 up dyed green with food coloring, scoop of lime ice cream, candy eyes, gummy worms:

Pumpkin peaches made on the Silhouette (pinterest):

Spider web and mummy pizza (pinterest):



Wedding Signs



I made some wedding signs for a friend’s reception.  I really like how this one turned out.

To purchase the glass, I just pick out my favorite frame, remove the backing, and hot glued the glass to the frame (carefully, around the edges).

Oh look, its me in the glass.

Here’s the other one I made:

Please note:

Since posting this a few years ago, I’ve received numerous requests to sell these signs. 

So if you’re asking, the answer is YES!

Shipping glass is very costly and there’s no guarantee it will make it there all in one piece.  To avoid this, you purchase the frame and email me the measurements of the glass.  I will custom design your vinyl, either the “Mr &Mrs.” or the “Established”.  You will receive in the mail the vinyl, transfer paper, and detailed instructions of how to apply the vinyl to your frame.  The cost is $30 plus shipping ($5 in the USA).

For more information, or to place an order, you can email me at:

Thank you!

High School Graduation Gift


This has been my go-to graduation gift for years.  Its simple and  funny (Right?  Say yes.)  and hopefully unique.  Let me just say if it wasn’t CRA-ZY busy today, I would have grabbed a much cuter little jar from the craft store and made the card more decorative, but you get the idea.  In case it’s not clear in the picture, the other gifts are Tide laundry detergent pods ($4) and a foldable hamper ($2).  This can be a very inexpensive gift, but it does depend how many quarters you put in the jar.  I put in $10, so total $16.