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My Version of “A Box of Sunshine”


I needed a birthday gift for a wonderful friend, so shamelessly copied Happy Money Saver by making a box of sunshine, perfect for spring time!  I know its hard to tell what’s in the box, so below is a list of everything I used.  Thanks for the idea Happy Money Saver!

Yellow Gifts:

flower hair clip, Yellow flower bulbs (packs of seeds would work too), Peeps, dish cloths, Juicy Fruit gum,chamomile herbal tea, yellow licorice (WinCo, bulk section), yellow gummy bears (WinCo, bulk section), lemon, Crystal Light, Post it notes, Yellow high lighter, Resuable cup and straw (with lemon print on it), Vita-water, lemon

Here’s another sunshine box I just made.  Items are hand towel, post it notes, water bottle, Crystal Light lemonade, tea, kleenex, loofa, lemon, butterscotch candies, cupcake holders, lemon cake mix, mints