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Plan B: Painting Cabinets Using Rustoleum


So I had big plans for our cave, I mean, kitchen.  Moving appliances, new lighting, granite counter tops, new cabinets, rip-it-all-out-down-to-the-framing type plans.  Alas, plans like that take time and a whole lotta moola.  In case you are wondering, the cost to do the intended remodel (Plan A) was the same cost as 105,263 diapers, which is how I measure most purchases.  And that’s with us, and by “us” I mean my husband, doing all the work.  So plan B was born.  A little band-aid, if you will.  It was a joint effort between Husband and I.  I did most of the painting, he did all the door removal, hardware, and some painting. Here’s the scoop:

I used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations, purchased at Lowes. You can watch their how-to video here.
(dirty dishes add to the beauty)
We discovered there’s both good and bad to using this method:
-Best paint there is at local Home Depot or Lowes for cabinet refinishing.
-Instructions easy to understand
-All supplies come in one box. There are two sizes: small for $75 or large for $150. We ended up buying one large and one small, total cost $225. Plus the hardware, another $150.
-We like the finished product
-No samples, you have to pick your color off the side of the box, then get the paint in the box mixed. We were frustrated we were picking the color of all our cabinets off a little 2×2 inch square printed on a box. BUT, the color we ended up picking, we loved. (Quilters White)
-Great that everything comes in one box, until you run out of something. We had tons of lefts overs of everything except for paint. We bought the large box, but then had to buy a $75 complete small set for basically two quarts of paint. LAME.
-The video makes it look like you can do it all in about 4-5 days. It took us two weeks.
-We could not get the glaze right!  More below on that.
-Their system is four steps:
1) de-gloss- easy, but time consuming
2) paint- again easy, but time consuming, two coats needed for everything
3) glaze (optional)- couldn’t get it right. We tried multiple times to get the “glazed” look and it just looked dirty to me. We ended up painting over what we had glazed and left it just plain “quilters white”.
4) seal- easy, but actually isn’t clear, so changed the color of the cabinets slightly (for the worse- yellowish).
-Have enough table space in your garage (don’t do it outside) for all your cabinet doors. We only had table space for half and the switching back and forth and drying on both sides of the doors took FOREVER.
-The video shows letting the doors dry on nails on 2x4s (watch the video to see what I mean). Its worth doing this to minimize drips.
-Double, triple check for drips everywhere.
-Label each door with painters tape as suggested in video.
Hummm… that’s all I can think of for now. Any questions?