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Welcoming New Members to Relief Society


Summer time is coming, and for me that means its moving season.  Over the next few months, we’ll have many new sisters and families move in.  As a RS presidency, we try hard to make them feel welcome.  During our new member’s first Sunday in Relief Society, we have her fill out this information sheet you can download here:

New Ward Member Information

It is especially helpful to share this info with the ward clerk if he doesn’t already have their records.

We also make sure each sister is visited the first week they move in.  I bring a current ward directory and a cute sheet of “important numbers” to hang on their fridge.  These numbers include Bishopric, presidents, missionaries, and the temple.  Need a clipart for the top of your sheet?  Use this:

And of course, on our initial visits, I bring along a gourmet cupcake (bought, not made, so worth the $2.50)  because nothing says, “We’re glad you’re here” like an amazing cupcake.  Yum!  And just a reminder, don’t forget to assign a visiting teacher as soon as possible; this is the BEST way to make a new member feel loved and welcome!