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How to Turn Your Family Room into a Jungle for $6


So the 4 year old tells me she wants a Go Diego Go party.  Fun!  Happy to not do another princess party.  We turned  the family room into a jungle.  This took about 600 feet of green streamers.  The plan was to do the whole room, but I ran out of streamers and was too cheap and busy to go back to the store.  I attached the loops to the ceiling with painters tape and taped leaves on last with green paper I already had.  Whole thing cost about $6 and took about an hour and a half (with three little “helpers”).  If you want to know what we did for the rest of the party, more below.

What we did at the party:

1) Decorate binoculars with animal stickers.  Made out of 2 toilet paper rolls and covered with jungle paper.
 2) Went on a animal rescue around the house.  At each clue, the kids got a new item.  We started with the orange back packs (Oriental Trading) and then added a globe (O.T), a magnify glass (Dollar Tree), a compass (not pictured, O.T) and at the end, a stuffed jungle animal for each kid.  We added their binoculars, then headed to… 3) A real animal rescue center that happens to be close by.  Kids had a blast seeing all the snakes, lizards, parrots and fish. 4) Back home for cupcakes and lunch.  I went easy on the food, nothin’ crazy.  I did try the kool-aid flavored popcorn from Tasty Kitchen, kids thought it was neat, but it was more work than I was expecting.  Lunch was just PB&J and apple slices with flower cupcakes (Martha Stewart).   


Birthday Banner


Being the multitaskers that we are, our book club decided to keep our hands busy while we discuss the book this month.  (We read “The Circuit” by Francisco Jimenez; it was a good, easy read.)  I’m hosting, so I decided to do this reusable birthday banner.  All you do is mount scrapbook paper (probably scraps you already have, generic colors that match everything) on brown “paper bag” paper, hole punch for a little tule, then bust out the Silhouette for the letters (Free font: hiccup).